Saturday, 1 May 2010


Antiartistic motifs chosen at random.

Airplane stands for death.

Pyramids and Accident stand for death.

Motivating photos, the Alps and the City Pictures.

Colour Charts.

A giant cynical retrospective, cynically acquiesced.

Poetry. Photography does it so perfectly.

Old pictures, materially.

Accelerate mass culture exposing contradiction.

The facticity of painting a perversion.

Different forms structured in different ways.

Absolute negation is a composition visible as a possibility.

Chromatic relations.

Smeared surface treated mechanically with a palette knife.

Pure process. Pure materiality.


Someone fell on his knees in front of one of your pictures, broke out in tears.

A housepainter’s brush, like a rake.

Buchloh: A different dimension, disproportionately large?

Buchloh: A new dimension, to the limits of the possible.




Reflection / Meditation.

Techniques of applying colour in a painting manual:

Layered with the knife

Thickly brushed

Finely painted


Nebulous areas generate emotions.

Colour, treated like instruments, remains diverse.

Could it produce belief in images?

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