Tuesday 8 June 2010

Summon Once Dormant Mech-Steed

Summon once dormant mech-steed / The steed lies dormant / your call, arousing aural sensors / gaseous excretions blast the surrounding atmosphere into a state of agitation / mech-steed rises / steam components / computerised components / a gamut of technological traceries / multiple authored open-source components / his eyes are lighting rigs capable of illuminating the vast mass burial shafts of the future / his ears are satellite plains produced by the Japanese / his limbs are mongo-contort consortium ribbed / his lungs inhale petro-chemical fumes / his lungs exhale the noxious gas of a million human deaths / his soft mane, fibre optic / will lacerate the souls of a thousand unborn children / his hoofs bare diamond cut carbon cuticles / his life force drains your life force when he breathes / he dies and dies and lives / he lives in space / he lives in the frosted ice dwellings/ he lives in air / he lives in eternal barns / the barns are maintained by a million scientists / the scientists are in the employ of equines and equines techno-pharmaceutical™ / his lodgings, if you will, are gigantic iron sidings / an enormous dry dock for the vast horse / he is a battle pony / an equine companion to none but his million master scientists, and to none of them a true friend / he is his own machine but he dreams of grass and sprints through the meadow like a real horse / his memory chip contains one million uploaded horse dreams / He runs across the planet on his four massive hoofs / his hooves are each the size of a city / he is ancient / he is new / he will try and eat grass, but it is not grass that maintains his life / it is petrol and the internet which supply him with horse data in order to seem more real / given his size he is fooling no one / the scientists believe that real horse dreams render him more servile and to an extent this is true / old models showed signs of a disastrous autonomy, often resulting in gross lethargy and inactivity / old models slept well but would not run / old models slept well but would not act like horses.

Polymorphous II


A male, mid-twenty year old curmudgeon, and shape-shifter. In his natural state he is a gelatinous liquid. Twenty-four years ago, with no memory of his past, he was found alone in a mysterious space craft that appeared in the Denorios asteroid belt. He was found by the Bajorans and lived amongst them. At first he was sort of an Elephant Man, a source of curiosity and humor as he turned himself into a chair or pencil. Finally he realized he would have to take the form of a humanoid to assimilate and function in their environment. He does it, but resents it. As a result, he performs a uniquely important role in the ensemble: he is a character who explores and comments on human values. Because he is forced to pass as one of us, his point of view usually comes with a cynical and critical edge. But he can't quite get it right, this humanoid shape, though he continues to try. So he looks a little unfinished in a way. He's been working on it a long time. Someone might ask him: Why don't you take the form of a younger man? His answer: I would if I could. He has the adopted child syndrome, searching for his own personal identity. Although he doesn't know anything about his species, he is certain that justice is an integral part of their being, because the necessity for it runs through every fibre of his body -- a racial memory. That is why he became a lawman. He has a couple of Bajoran deputies; he doesn't allow weapons on the Promenade, and once every day he must return to his gelatinous form.

Saturday 1 May 2010


Antiartistic motifs chosen at random.

Airplane stands for death.

Pyramids and Accident stand for death.

Motivating photos, the Alps and the City Pictures.

Colour Charts.

A giant cynical retrospective, cynically acquiesced.

Poetry. Photography does it so perfectly.

Old pictures, materially.

Accelerate mass culture exposing contradiction.

The facticity of painting a perversion.

Different forms structured in different ways.

Absolute negation is a composition visible as a possibility.

Chromatic relations.

Smeared surface treated mechanically with a palette knife.

Pure process. Pure materiality.


Someone fell on his knees in front of one of your pictures, broke out in tears.

A housepainter’s brush, like a rake.

Buchloh: A different dimension, disproportionately large?

Buchloh: A new dimension, to the limits of the possible.




Reflection / Meditation.

Techniques of applying colour in a painting manual:

Layered with the knife

Thickly brushed

Finely painted


Nebulous areas generate emotions.

Colour, treated like instruments, remains diverse.

Could it produce belief in images?